Monday, 6 December 2010

South East & Eastern Regional Champs

Having pre-entered, I preferred to turn up and enjoy riding yesterday, rather than sit at home and miss out on all the fun. Conditions could have been amazing but in the end, a thaw, some rain and 200 riders turned it predictably, into a slog.

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I had a game plan. Start conservatively and ride into the hour, maybe pick some people off if I get the chance. I slipped all the way back to about 18th at one point but then I started to find my legs.

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The long slippery descents also played into my hands and I was able to make up swathes of time over less technical riders -especially as guys in front started to tire a bit.

I rode home in 13th place. Nothing to write home about, indeed 3 places down on my result last year but considering I've had a month off riding and am not training at all, I feel a bit more positive.

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