Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Koksijde + Trophy

An interesting mix of doing alot yet having not much to write. As everyone did, I jumped in a car and motored over to Koksijde, Belgium to enjoy the atmos of the UCI World Cup there. I got togged-up proper and barely noticed the cold. Favourite thing was that a 200ml bottle of Coke was the same price as a whole bottle of 8.8% Duvel!

Sunday morning was another early one with a trip down to Southampton for the National Trophy. We parked up next to the start which was nice. The ground was frozen solid for Boom's race and she did an absolutely blistering ride to take 5th place -even throwing a little collapse into the mix at the end. By my race the ground had got a little more slippery. I've just taken a month almost completely off. No stress to my body what so ever and following training on Wed, this was my first ride in anger.

I got a strong start but in the bottle-neck, some chump couldn't deal with riding in a straight line and shoved me into the tape and i got my front wheel caught behind a stake. I lost about 15 places getting it unhooked. They were only places I'd have lost anyway and pretty quick i was right at the back. I plodded on and caught a couple of riders, plus a few people had some mishaps. I got lapped at about 43mins which wasn't tooo bad. I was last finisher.

I plan to carry on racing, just cos I feel left out when I don't, but really the last 6 months has placed stresses on my body from all directions which have left me basically in no shape to combine work, training/racing and having a social life. Doctors can find nothing wrong which is reassuring and an appointment with the Tropical Disease Hospital should assertain whether I returned from the Epic with any little friends...

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