Thursday, 18 November 2010

World Series

This is one of the first things I did from scratch. The brief was that the design had to reflect the bikes that the brand used to produce in the 80's and be in each of the different World Champ colours. In fact, some of those 80's designs are still used for custom paint-jobs now. Panelling has long been a common theme and when going through archived pics of old Condors, I happened across the old style oval panels.

Painting the frames white allows us to print decal kits in different colours. I was keen for the colour in the panel to be metallic but wasn't sure how some of the colours would come out i.e.yellow, which turns out to be my favourite...

The rosette frame badge is a redesign of a Condor badge which used to go at the top of the fork legs.

Each bike also comes with a commemorative booklet which was a real fiddle to do as I've never done anything with a Gold Foil before but I think everyone is pleased with the end result.

Middle 2 photos by Andy Waterman

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