Thursday, 30 September 2010

Proto Cross Bike

In less than a week the new cross bikes will be on display for all to see, at the London show and I've been racing on the prototype version since the summer.

Shown (albeit in lo-res and with old graphics) here is the proto which sits somewhere in between the Terra-X and the lower Bivio-X. Where this is made from Dedacciai Force Curvo (named after the proprietry curved top tube on both bikes which gives more room for, and is really comfortable for shouldering) which is a 7000 series Alu, the Terra will have EM2 seat and down tubes.

The Bivio will have bottle bosses, rack and mudguard mounts and the Terra will have none. The Bivio will have internal rear brake cable routing but external gear cables where the Terra will have full internal, fully guided cables. The Bivio will be 1-1/8" aheadset top and bottom, Terra will be 1.5" at the bottom.

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