Thursday, 30 September 2010

Condor x Cadence x Fast Friday x DVS

Ain't braggin' but i've had a pair of these DVS Milan CTC's since my birthday in March when my buddy Stu hooked-a-brother-up. It was through Stu and his time at the now defunct UK distributer that we were introduced to Dustin Klein who set up Cadence Clothing and was also responsible for the original Fast Friday and consequently the seminal film Mash.

Without being pidgeon-holed by any 'fixie' tags, the shoes are based around a DVS skate shoe but are 'geared' towards cycling. The attention to detail is as you would expect from any Cadence product. Obviously there is a stiffer Last so that the sole of your foot doesn't flex in a way that it shouldn't. The laces are protected from abrasion from the toe-clip by being threaded through the tongue and there are subtle but effective reflective tabs (the FF logo on the heel of each shoe).

Dustin is running another Fast Friday event tomorrow in San Fransisco and the winner will walk away with a one-off, Dustin-from-Cadence-designed Condor Classico singlespeed frame and this is it.

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