Thursday, 26 August 2010

Velo Club Londres Late Summer Cross

Photo: John Mullineux of

Feel a bit more human after doing the first cross race of the season. More alive y'know?

Good to do some proper bike racing again and get a single figure result, even if it was in a pre-season evening event... Lot's of work to do before the Trophies start (I'm down on power coming out of corners and it took me 40 out of the 50mins to remember how to go fast in the mud...) but it's also about the long game and making it through to Feb -it's only Aug.

Good to be plucking mud out of my eyes and ears the morning after.

New Condor cross frame is a 'ground up' redesign, all my own. I'm riding a pre-production version so there are a few modifications to the bikes being made at the moment.

Mule Bar house/team mate Damo has his first taste of 'cross onboard my old bike, along with Tom and Sammy from Condor -bit of a baptism of fire for all, given the conditions...

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