Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Lanterne Rouge.

That's how spent most of my road season. A small fish in a big pond, dangling off the back of the shoal.

I'm evidently faster than I was on the road this time last year, but multi-stage MTB races, fatigue, illness, crashes and house moves all conspired to see me suffer my way through what felt like a stagnant, tired road season.

Much of this is to do with my choosing to race every Tuesday in the E,1,2's at Crystal Palace, widely considered to be some of the hardest crit racing around. Scoring a single point there and consequently, finishing joint last overall was the highlight of my season -problem being that doing that put me in a box for two weeks afterwards. Lows came in the form of a couple of shocking rides at the Nocturnes.

Oh well, first cross race on new, prototype bike tonight then an 8am Physio appointment to start breaking down the mass of fiberous tissue in my calves...

1 comment:

  1. You scored a point, that's more than I've managed so far. Looking forward to seeing the new prototype crosser. Possibly might make next Wednesday night.