Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2014 Cyclocross National Champs, Derby

3 bikes, half lap changes, some phenomenal pit crewing from the Barnes family.

These pics from Ben Putland sum it up quite nicely.

I was 41st in the end -nothing to write home about, but easily my best race of the season. Owing to the UCI 80% rule I was pulled as Ian came round for his bell lap. I thought I might make it to the finish unlapped (a first for me), but we'll never know. Curiously, it was more enjoyable than it looks. I seem to revel conditions like that.

Interesting from an equipment point of view was running a direct comparison between Challenge Limus and Dugast Rhinos. 2 identical bikes, with identical wheels but different tubs. The Limus' had more grip in the horrific mud, but felt noticeably slower.

ViCiOUS Po did well to finish 35th, Boom was 11th in the women's race, Kev was 22nd in an 85 strong Vets race and James Flury was 10th bihind first time winner Thomas Craig in the Junior race. ViCiOUS Velo also placed 5th in the team rankings, which is nice.

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