Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Knog Muddy Hell 2012

AEphotos: Seniors  Seniors

Well, it was muddy and at times it was also hellish....what more could you ask for?  As I left the house to drive down, the heavens opened and it absolutely lashed it down. It had been damp all day so the venue quickly turned into a WW1 style quagmire. Luckily though the weather didn't deter the crowds though.

I was Harrison the Head off of the Mighty Boosh, which obviously got some good cheering action. I tried to keep the costume lightweight and up high, but obviously everything still got pretty heavily waterlogged. I only caught it on a bush once.

Airing off the jump was super tricky due all the mud and lack of speed.

No idea where I finished, and don't really care to be honest. Muddy Hell ain't about results, unless you're in the money -in which case, you're up against Nick Craig anyway soooo. Ed McPartland had a cracking evening having trekked down from up north and went away £250 better-off. Shame he couldn't get a ride on Sunday though. Chris Metcalf was pulling off some heroic Supercross/Muddy Hell/Supercross action but also went on a do pretty well in both events -good skills.

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