Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Condor for Lotus

Two British companies, both started in 1948 and both with a strong racing heritage. Lotus approached us initially about a long-term partnership. Neither of us were sure where it would go in the long run but it seemed we had much in common.

It seems likely that in the long run we will look to try benefit from Lotus' engineering expertise in some respect, but initially they asked us to simply design them a bike for the opening of their first flagship retail store on Regents St in central London. We used a Condor Baracchi.

We threw together lots of ideas using some of Lotus' previous racing colours. Lots to work with here as you can imagine. In the end, they settled on using the black and gold colour scheme favoured by the John Player Special cars of the 80's.

The design is all about understated class and detail. What you won't notice from afar is that inside the gold line, the frame is painted gloss black while outside the gold, the frame is raw carbon. The frame is further embellished with some little details such as the rondals celebrating Lotus' multiple motorsport victories.

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