Thursday, 8 December 2011


I just got back my Rhino treads after giving them to my mate Phil who's dad was hand-couriering a batch load of our treads to FMB for glueing onto their legendary carcasses.

Not that there's been any real need for mud tyres down south, to date -but Bradford National Trophy this weekend mght change that!

All of this is very much on the rebound from the heartbreak of trying to eek more than 1 season out of a pair of Dugasts. At approximately £70 per tub, even with thorough Aquasealing, fastidious cleaning and drying and careful warm storage, my sidewalls disitegrated to the point that I could reach in and touch the inner tube by the end.

By contrast, the FMB carcass features presealed sidewalls which are then sandwiched between 2 basetapes per tyre which should (hopefully) go someway to preventing the rot as it always starts at the basetape. Twinning this with my 24mm carbon rims means that theere is no canvas exposed and I may even experiment with running some kind of sealant from the sidewall onto what would otherwise form the braking surface -which is redundant on my disc bike.

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  1. Blingo!
    Interesting that both basetapes become hidden, does that mean normal tubs would actually be glued along the lower part of their sidewalls?