Monday, 14 November 2011

Trophy 3 Southampton

Purgatory from start to finish. Gridded last, worked my way up past about 5 people to 41st before the Belgians caught me at about 43mins.

On the plus side, Boom led out the womens race ahead of Lucy Garner, though this took its' toll and she slipped back a bit. it did however, make it ultra hard for eveyone else and allowed Delia Badass to capitalise and ride to a strong 4th place. This takes her to 3rd overall! Further up the Senior race, Andy took a tumble on the last lap and Paul who had been on his wheel all race slipped into 30th place and thus, into the points and onto the table.

Goddam, I can't even get inside the top 40, I rode with an average heart rate of 198bpm, so it's not like I wasn't trying....

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