Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Rapha Supercross

IMG_6833, originally uploaded by Hanglebads / Jo Allen.

This is one of my favourite images from the Rapha Supercross in Windermere. It was a great event in a magical setting, though my race wasn't so great after lining up at the front only to have 4 rows of people file in front. Hey-ho, I rode up from about 100th to 19th out of 150 finishers so I can't be too disappointed.

First race in the mud on the disc bike -by the time I had to do a bike change, the girls had changed 3 or 4 times already...

As if my race on Saturday wasn't chaotic enough, on Sunday we put up a coconut shy and at 50p for 3 throws, it was literally nuts! In the end, I very nearly missed my start, lining up and still putting my gloves on as the comm was saying "everyone okay...? -GO" 

Pic by Neil Hendry

Oh well, managed 19th on Sunday as well which again, wan't too disappointing. I felt I went well enough and had a race-long battle with a massive unit of a guy who eventually pipped me by about a rim's depth in the final sprint -caught by Cheryl King

This weekend is another double with Muddy Hell on Saturday and then ViCiOUS is the guest team in the Elite/Invitation race at the final Supercross at Ally Pally. 2 aims here: 1. Fancy dress prize on Saturday night and 2. not finish last on Sunday.  There, I said it...

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