Monday, 26 September 2011


Saturday was the final round of the Inverse Series at Hillingdon. 37miles plus a 16 mile ride there, plus approx 7miles afterwards in a 2/3 Cat race which averaged in excess of 45kph was my leg-loosener for Sunday's Eastern League Cross up in Chelmsford. When it came to the crunch I faded a bit on the final lap and got 12th on the line. I only really went because we had a pre-paid entry following the previous rounds' cancellation but was happy to remain upright and finish after my callamitous previous 2 rounds...

Following 4 days abstenace from beer, I was raring to go by the time the cross came round on Sunday. Man alive was it hot?! Boom won her race convincingly with over 1.5mins lead. In compliance with UCI rules, as it was over 20deg, we were allowed drinks during the race. I took a reasonable start and as people started to fall by the wayside for various reasons, found myself riding for 8th or thereabouts. Waters rolled a tub and then rode up to me, just to ping off the back and have to ride up again. I started to blow at about 40mins and cracked shortly after that.

Wow, what a crack. A tingling sensation in my arms and legs, goose pimples and hairs standing on end, freezing cold despite the heat, legs like jelly and funny vision meant the last few laps took an eternity as I grovelled towards the flag.

On the plus side, I have the speed. I just realized my bike will be on display at the Cycle show this weekand I was planning to race the London League at Herne Hill next Sunday which means I have to build my other bike and glue the tubs in two evenings between now and then. Not the end of the world, just not ideal.

Another plus side is racing as part of a team again. At one point there was a line of 4 Vicious riders going full-bore. Matt Hints turned in a blinder to finish 9th, catching me on the penultimate lap.Vicious Kev was fastest Vet and also 4th overall with Waters coming in 7th, me a lowly 14th and Paul S a couple of places behind.

I'm off to Birmingham for the show tomorrow so a week off the bike and on my feet beckons...funtimes.


  1. Much better kit, but come on London League or nada!

  2. No sir, Eastern Lge is cheaper, closer, better organised (the races are split & results printed while we waited) and the courses are better, plus, all the hitters were at the Eastern Lge yesterday!

  3. Surely the real hitters were at 3 peaks and the rest of us losers did mole hills...John M will NOT b impressed and does nothing for any marginal Palace on the line decisions 'Oh was that Ben S in 3rd, oh no wait, must be mistaken, 207th'

  4. Don't forget this is my 7th consecutive year as organiser of a round of the London League -a round which has hosted record numbers, some of the strongest fields, given the biggest prize funds and found new venues. I have hosted the AGM in my workplace, attended in order to push for motions which I hope will improve the league, hosted and sat the Cyclocross Commissaire training and exam. I think I do my 'bit', and it doesn't mean my support for the London League is diminished, I just like share the love -between the Trophies, Muddy Hell and the Rapha Supercross Series.

    John M spent most of the summer going through and doctoring RC team name on the results list anyway -removing the 'C' (who goes to the trouble of doctoring a 3rd Cat chipper result?) so I doubt this'll make much difference.