Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Save The Herne Hill Velodrome Cap

I did my first cyclocross race at Herne Hill Velodrome, longer ago than I care to remember and I've spent many happy hours since, racing, training and falling off (both on and off the track).

Many more Condor riders and ex-Condor riders have graced the tarmac surface; Dave Bonner raced against Tommy Simpson and more recently Chris Newton and Bradley Wiggins have both raced the famous Good Friday Meeting in World Champ colours, boasting a host of olympic medals.
I've done a number of caps recently but it turns out this one led to us having possibly the most hits to the Condor site in one day! They're available to buy from Condor Cycles on Gray's Inn Rd with a donation from the proceeds going to the trust.

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  1. any idea how/where to get hold of [one of] these?