Thursday, 6 January 2011


Oh man, carrying a food-baby here! 4kg's heavier than when I called a halt to racing proceedings in Nov. That leaves me pretty slow now and the best I could manage at Sunday's Eastern League was 16th, back amongst the Elite Vets. I'm done worrying about it now, and having canned a pretty useless season where I failed to even get inside the top 10, I just want to focus on the year ahead.

Fairly generic New Year's Resolution is to be a better Cyclocross rider. That gives me 8 months to get on track for the start of the 2011/12 season. This is not difficult, just be competitive (always inside top 10 though I really should be knocking on top 5) at league level, and get inside the points at National Trophy.

What to do differently:

Core strength. You need core strength. It helps you maintain a better position when you're on your bike and helps prevent injuries (particularly if you are well stretched). It also helps to stop muscle imbalance -cyclists tend to end up with developed leg muscles but neglect everything else and this ended up giving me Sciatica.

2 bikes, for many of us, this was the plan for this year but we needed to get the product right instead of rushing it so we missed this season.

Bigger car.
Volvo estate. When I bought my beloved MR2 I had unrestricted access to a work van so space was never an issue. Times and priorities change and being rubbish at 'cross makes me unhappy -not that a different car will change that but it all helps.

Balance -most important. I love my job but it can be demanding at times. I love racing and training which can also be demanding and I also love beer. Two's company but three's a crowd. I ain't giving up beer but finding a balance of all things is something I've overlooked in the last few years when I've had a natural tendancy to do all of the above to excess, the net result was a downwards spiral which led to me grinding to a shuddering halt -unable to race or recover, sleep well, or get up & then keep my eyes open at work...

Basically, all my equipment, riding and training will, from now on be geared towards the next 'cross season, because nothing else flicks my switch just like it.

There! I said it.

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  1. I struggle with organised training Ben, but I'm in a similar place to you right now and my plans are similar. Let's smash it together!