Wednesday, 15 December 2010

National Trophy Bradford

Did a totally anonymous, uneventful ride at the weekend's National Trophy in Bradford.
I set out with the intention of riding within myself to limit the amount of debt I would otherwise put my body into, which would then hamper my performance. However, the ground which started out as frozen hard, had had the Vets, Women , Youth and Junior races on it so by the time we got to racing at 2pm it had turned into a real slog!

Again, I was better than those around me on the tricky technical stuff, but the month off left me unable to compete when it came to any climbs and the back markers would overtake me.

Somehow I finished one place up on last year's placing. 45th instead of 46th, hardly anything to get excited about but I was far from last. Oh, and I rode 'the' descent without any trauma, straight down the mddle, dunno what all the fuss was about.

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