Wednesday, 8 December 2010


This is the sight that greeted me as I passed the train station by my house last night.

Two rudeboys kicking the shit out of a poor hybrid, attached by a cable lock. How often have we all ridden or walked passed something and not got involved only to get home and wish we'd said something.

Now they were kids, but both considerably bigger than me which is not difficult, and as I stood there resplendant in my pink Atmos, I did wonder whether their big brothers were lying in wait behind the station.

We eyeballed each other for a bit while they did their best at looking all innocent. Eventually I broke the stalemate by taking my bag off and going for my phone. So insensed was I, that I was genuinely going to whistle up the fuzz on their punk-asses.

With that, they did their best to look nonchelant, kissed their teef at me and moped off on their stolen hybrids into (rather excitingly) my estate, oh joy.

There ends my tale, though I did check on my way to the shops and the bike was still there 20mins later. Relatively unheroic stuff but at least I slept well, knowing I'd at least done it and the little shits didn't get someone's bike. Ha!

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