Tuesday, 26 October 2010

S-Works Shoes

Modifying my Specialized Pro MTB shoes in Cape Town to improve ventilation kind of rendered them a bit inappropriate for UK/winter use. Plus, it turns out that cutting large holes in the tongue also affects support a bit.

James at Specialized was kind enough to send me a pair of spanking new S-Works kicks. The fit is vastly improved, as is support which comes in the form of two Boa systems and one strap. I've got Boa's on my snowboard boots and have been keen to get try them out on cycling shoes.

Only down-side is that Specialized don't employ the use of the same kind of 'Cat's Tongue' technology in the heel cup. Also, there is no 'Custom Fit' BUT they are a sort of pseudo Patent white, making them easier to clean, BLAMMO!

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