Tuesday, 12 October 2010

kickin' it native

Back in March, when we rolled into Cape Town prior to the start of the Cape Epic, all the talk was of equipment. Tyre choice, bike set-up, hydration and nutrition etc etc... The moment the conversation turned to chamois creme, our hosts scoffed at our Assos, dragged us by the scruff of the necks down to the local bike shop and thrust a sizable tub of Udder Cream in our hands. £5 for a massive tub!

First dip is like applying window putty but I left it in my tent during the day (40deg +) and when I came back, it was practically throbbing with heat. It then retained it's heat for the next 8 days... 6 months on and I've barely scraped the surface. I should point out that it's far, far better than anything else I've used in all my years.

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