Thursday, 2 September 2010

2 down.

With legs still heavy from Monday's festivities we headed to the second of VCL's Late Summer Cross races at Herne Hill.

The ground that we chewed up in the attrocious conditions of last week had dried and firmed. Instead of being fanst-flowing, the grass section round the track centre was for most, absolute purgatory.

I had nothing to give and ran out of talent with a lap to go which saw me go into a corner waaay too hot. I noticed on my way in this morning that under heavy braking the front was snatching. I think this may have contributed to the front wheel disappearing from under me at the top of the drop-in. Ground-sky-ground-sky-bike! Somehow landed on my feet but managed to bash and scrape every body part on the way down... Had to take a moment before straightneing my bars and limping to the finish.

Waters bounced back from his 2nd place on Monday to take another 2nd place last night behind Jules Birkes of VCL. Hat!

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