Monday, 19 July 2010

Gentleman's TT

This was a while back now but was an unsanctioned, no-rules team time trial from the Rapha Cycle Club in Clerkenwell, to Brighton and back, stopping at 3 predetermined checkpoints along the way.

No route as such, and the route card was some 1930's map. The Condor Cycles team of 6 was reduced to a team of 4 at 12am that day and with no time to recruit any ringers we should have been out of contention but were allowed to start anyway. Maybe the novelty factor of our team containing one girl (albeit an ex-elite triathlete) and a fifteen-yr old (who pretty much destroyed everyone anyway).

We took a scenic route out of town, cruising via Farthing Downs and the historic Chaldon. Rode through leafy lanes to arrive at the first checkpoint shortly before Rapha's own team who had team time-trialled their way down the A22 -fun times!

Brighton was Brighton and Tao got to see naked people. Then got to learn new rude language from one esteemed journo on the way back.

Anyways, we finished a bit behind the old-folk from Mosquito who tried their hardest to give us the slip on the run into town. Ate some pasta, drank some beer, all terribly epic.

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  1. No doubt the best report of the 'gentlemans' TT! Hahahaha