Thursday, 8 July 2010

Condor for Mavic

Using the Condor Baracchi I was given (an almost) free reign to create a design that celebrated Mavic at Le Tour and the famous Services Des Courses spare bikes.

My initial designs looked very commercial, then i hit on the idea of encorporating a nod to the panelling that the brand has famously used on its' bikes since '58.

I had to do the black pin-stripe in-house at this end, by hand.

It's a bit of a radical departure for the brand but hopefully, while being a more contemporary design, still in keeping with the the Condor ethos.

I'd welcome feedback on it as that will probably have some influence over the direction of future designs.


  1. Loving your work. Need to pop round and take a look at it in the flesh. ACtually I could do with a Baracchi for the Etape.