Monday, 7 June 2010


Just some images from Herne Hill Track League and Open Track Meets.

Had my first smash on the track last week. Someone's stupidity caused 3 riders to land on me from up on the banking at about 25mph. My bike got shoved from under me, to the point that I shaved the heel off my R310 road shoes. The bike high-sided as it hit the grass lip which exploded the £1k Pro Track Disc wheel. I hit the grass shoulder first and ran my chin along the ground before tumbling. Estelle was on my wheel and the riders took out her front wheel. She was less fortunate and is now nursing a broken Collar Bone.

Expensive week, plus I feel like i got hit by a train!

Couldn't help thinking that there was something better out there than my 35yr old 531 Le Jeune so I'm trying out something a bit more contemporary.

Phil Jones' flickr has some more images here & here

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