Monday, 10 May 2010


In a vain attempt to coerce some speed back into my legs, and because I've moved to within 5 minutes of the velodrome, I dusted off my track bike last week and headed for the first Open Meeting of the year. It was however, also my first time on the track this year. Had I had a couple of sessions under my belt, blatting round with the A's would have been tough, but rideable. As it was, I was so severely lacking in leg speed that I got soundly dropped from every race that I started.

The resultant shredding of my lungs turned into a proper death-rattle and then a bit of a rank chesty cough, boo.

I had even built a new set of wheels for the pony. Condor are bringing in a small run of these 50mm deep alloy rims in black or white. I built the first set onto some of our Uno hubs and was also tasked with designing a decal to cover the join. Quite pleased with the result so far...

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