Monday, 25 January 2010

After effects.

lx21, originally uploaded by LondonCycleSport.

No sooner had I unpacked the car and brushed the sand from my shoes, than I found myself repacking the car and heading for what was to be my final round of the London League. My sole focus was to turn up, race and finish. Following the 4 week break from reacing over the festive period, my form is nowhere near that of early December. That top-end that you get from 12-odd weeks racing, that seemingly extra bit of flex that your lungs develop, blammo gone.

Feeling somewhat bruised and battered I set off far too hard and back came the razor blades. Should have known better than to go haring off at full chat and paid the price. Into the red, massive oxygen debt, Asthma etc etc... Finally got going after about 30mins and despite steadily closing 14th & 15th places I found myself sitting up on the final lap.

The double weekend is always hard on the body but I'm hopeful it'll jumpstart my system in time for the end of the season. If nothing else, a daytrip to race in Belgium is enough to fire me up to see out the final two races.

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