Monday, 30 November 2009

So very epic...

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A late November slump in motivation led to us heading off in search of inspiation. Dawn's Crack on Saturday, ride to the train station where the posse is assembling. Load bikes onto Dave's wagon and hot-foot it down the the Chunnel. Make a bee-line for Koksijde and prepare for much cold wetness. Obviously it's the same when you watch the best at any sport but to see just how fast the lead group of 4 or 5 went through the sand or up the bridge compared to the best our country has to offer is simply astounding. Even Sven's dismount seems mind -blowingly fast!

Phil Jones got some good pics.

Next on the intinerary was to head to downtown Ghent for a spot of nourishment before hitting the velodrome for the penultimate night of the Ghent 6 Day. Keisse was once again in fine form, sporting that beautiful gold and white Merckx but mid-race tactics apparently led to fireworks on the boards and a saw a shift in allegiance from the other riders on the track. We pretended like we knew what was going on but in reality, just soaked in the atmosphere and sat mesmorised the precision ballet that is 6 Day the Madison racing.

We drank far too much Primus which led to some of us having second thoughts as we stood in the carpark with our bikes the next morning. The wind blew and the rain lashed and several last minute clothing changes were made out of the boot of the car, but to no avail. We headed off, guided by Rapha Condor spanner Andy, accompanied by Jon Cannings and an assorted crew of eager-beavers, followed by Kristof the photographer.

We got wet and cold (again) and were epic, several times. We hit the Molenberg and some other sections of Flanders Pave while Kristof ambushed us at different locations. The results are, I think you'll agree, stunning.

I have a chill.

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