Monday, 2 November 2009

Rollapaluza Halloween Cross -trapped in a box by a cockney nutjob!

I'm a sucker for fancy dress and opportunities to combine it with racing are few and far between! Sadly, so is the opportunity to race in front of baying crowds but Saturday night's Halloween Cross provided both of the above. It turns out that sticking a giant Polo over your eye and marrying a wig with a helmet not only deprives you of all depth perception but serves you with a cracking headache.

Still, I was first fancy dress over the line and missed out on top 10 by one place. In fairness, I wasn't giving it my all as I had yet to ride in the Inter Area Championships the next day. Despite my handicap, I still managed to do some damage to plenty of non fancy-dressers -weaklings!

Andy W and I having our photo taken for the local paper.

A carnival atmosphere that most organisers struggle to recreate made it an ideal event to bring loved ones to in order to give them a glimse of why we love it so. One friend's other half said it great because "It wasn't just f*ckers talking about sprockets!"

Pics by Chris Bracewell and Bianca Levy

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  1. You got my vote for fancy dress winner.

    Sadly, it counted for nothing!