Monday, 9 November 2009

Iceman cometh...

Every time i tried to put in the smallest of efforts last week, my legs just overloaded with Lactic Acid as well as feeling like someones was grabbing a handful of Hamstring... Didn't train, just went for a run which only compounded the issue! I'm hoping this is just the effects of racing twice in a weekend and that I'll come back stronger in time for the next Trophy this weekend. It's about time I actually put in a reasonable performance!
Sunday was real cold. Maybe it's because I'm a skinny wretch that it seemingly affects me more than others; I dunno. It didn't seem to bother anyone else but from the moment we first charged through one of the deep puddles and the freezing water splashed over my knees, I seemed to go backawrds.

I was holding onto 7th place, riding with Mick Bell while all around us struggled to stay upright but at 40mins I blew and had nothing left. Maybe it's because my body was working extra hard to try and function at the same rate in the cold? Who knows...roubaix skinsuits, that's the key! The Rhino's were sublime!

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  1. Ben, what are you doing to the pictures to make them sooooooo pixelated? If you log into Flickr, you can configure your blog so that when you click the "blog this" button above a photo, it just embeds the photo on here for you. Yeah, you don't get to mess with it, but hey ho, you're not stealing either.
    You need to get yourself some Roubaix skinsuits. Champion Systems make them. Wallop, there you go.